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William's PDC: A Permaculture Design Course [Mr. William WR Ozier] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An entire Permaculture Design.
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Reach out to William Faith at [masked] or call [masked] We look forward to seeing you at the course!

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William's PDC : A Permaculture Design Course by William Ozier (2011, Paperback)

Hosted by William F. This is a past event 7 people went. Attendees 7.

Permaculture Whole System Design Course

See all. Do you think about the future of the planet? Do you want to make changes, but are not sure how to start? Meet like minded people and enjoy sharing experience and knowledge.

Full Permaculture Design Course, Daytime 12 weeks Stroud Autumn | Permaculture Association

Discover ways to live sustainably and achieve your dreams. Why Stroud? Stroud is famous for its alternative and foodie culture, and our PDC in Stroud opens doors into the unique world of this vibrant town.

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We take you to visit projects round the area where you meet people who make livelihoods based on sustainable businesses of all kinds, from herbalism to wooden buildings. We tap into the pool of really knowledgeable and experienced people here. The team of course tutors draws on this wide pool of knowledge in the town. We recommend that those who are new to bokashi read the above tip sheet and ask questions on how the system works, how to avoid "burning" plants with bokashi applications, etc. Building materials supplied by Emily and Gary Williams in a single file :.

Check out the following for further information on economic solutions that fit well with permaculture ethics:.

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The following are government or other well-established sources that address organisational structures that are readily adapted for community work:. Also try a Google or YouTube search on the above facilitation terms. We don't have any hand-outs specific to this course day, but feel free to email to ask for specific questions and I'll look for further resources.

Permaculture Design Course 01 The Journey Begins oTcjgFkgktQ

Crowe, Andrew. Penguin Books. I have the edition; this is regularly reprinted and updated. Riley, Murdoch. Viking Sevenseas, Paraparaumu, NZ: Also regularly reprinted.

William's PDC: A Permaculture Design Course

This is not designed as a "read this and go out and try things" book, but it does provide an excellent context for further learning about traditional uses of NZ plants, including cross-cultural comparisons of similar plants e. European and Chinese traditional medicine, where relevant. Note: the 2nd edition is MUCH better than the 1st. I'm not going to provide any more excerpts from this, so go out and buy it if you can. There's a whole chapter on farm plans including the integration of grazing with staple crops, cash crops, and conservation areas; another on harvest forests; another on conservation including weed and animal pest management; and another on living with wildlife.

As always, you're welcome to borrow my copy, and the Feilding library has several.