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People that do that end up suicidal. We lose someone because pre-med and Biological science major was hard, there is nothing easy about the road to medicine. Think about the Caribbean life, and residency, and being a physician. What kind of challenges do you want to put up with when a pre-med, when a medical student and do you really want to do the residency and be a doctor? Do you want to deal with that or you want to deal with just medical school and not too many surprises at home?

There are some things I hear from students from a certain school, that if you made it here, you will make it anywhere because this school is hard out of their comfort zone. But they make it and they become doctors. Best thing is to know why you went there and enjoy what you can and what you are doing there. When you get into troubles, it is hard, try your best to find the best solution you can.

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Never set yourself up for failure. Failure is thinking things will always work the way you want them to. You see that with relationships, after many years marriages that no-one ever thought will fail, fail. After your commitment marriage to medical school or being a physician, things could fall apart. Always have other thoughts in your head, about life; so that if you stumble, fall, get depressed, you will find a reason to get up and live and pursue something. The Caribbean schools are definitely a place where you should go if only after examining yourself deeply and after your plan how to release your stresses.

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  5. There are always answers to problems. Think of ways to solve problems and be a good problem solver before you enter medicine and especially abroad in the Caribbean or anywhere where the culture is different. The stress of studying away from home might be unfair if you compare to other schools; but it depends how you compare or should you even be comparing.

    Comparison is one of those things that will always make it hard to deal with things that life throws at you.

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    Looking at other people is just a killer. It will either make you insecure or prideful. You know what you need to be a good physician, that is what you should focus on. If you decide to study on the islands, save yourself from comparing to the USA except if it something related to getting a good score. Like finding out good studying strategies. My point is, most likely, I think everyone here is telling a true story.

    Sometimes I laugh at myself chasing the bus that was supposed to come later than came too early, that memory. You going to go through stuff, it might not feel like the worst thing for some people, but it might be the worst thing for you because you really need to show up on your scheduled time. If you are willing to go through whatever comes your way, then the Caribbean is for you; go get that MD. Being a doctor is not just having an MD, but knowing how to handle your own life; and how to heal from ups and downs so that you can be an inspiration of healing other people in pain.

    Graduating to be a doctor without the ability to handle yourself and your failures, is dangerous to you and your patients. You will be under high stress as a physician and meet people under high stress. So learn; and to be honest, if you have never been under high stress and want to be a physician; may be you should study abroad and learn some things that will help you mature and grow to develop abilities to deal with the unknown or unexpected. I know sometimes doctors treat someone and they think everything is alright, only to be shocked that person passed away.

    That is hard.

    The Medical School Admissions Guide A Harvard Mds Week By Week Admissions Handbook 3rd Edition

    So building stress handling skills in medical schools whether you study in US, or the tough Caribbeans, which also are the awesome beauty, is plus. My inner city High school in US was more rough than a Caribbean medical school.

    It was more painful to watch kids struggle and always getting in trouble at school and out of school at such a young age after coming from a Boarding School were kids were just kids not smoking in the bathroom or arguing with their teachers. There is no paradise type of country, there is only us in the world, a world we should make better.

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    Life gave us punches as kids in High School in US. I had to do activities and had faith in God that kept my sanity; and I aced my way through. What helps is knowing yourself, for me that was knowing that after surviving a brief Boarding school experience and then High School, I could survive anything, even being a doctor if I get there. You learn how to make relationships with the right people if you are smart and people that keep you on track.

    You learn to be kind, so that even the person that you thought hated you picks you up when you are rushing to class. You learn to understand the struggles of locals and how they survive so that even the cook gives you free food and knows your name. The Caribbean islands are a beauty, but they are not a walk in the park. Before a race when doing track, you thought about the track and you thought about if you can handle what you are about to do, and you planned or imagined yourself running the race and the speed that you needed.

    Also as an athlete, you knew when not to run or when running, when to stop, like if you pull a muscle. The same should be for pre-meds, medical students and physicians. Know which race to run.

    The Medical School Admissions Guide: A Harvard Md'S Week-By-Week Admis –

    As soon as you are a pre-med, the world will ask a lot from you and they will never stop asking you to be perfect. You pick yourself up, excellent Step scores, less medical errors than any other doctor; no explanation just do it. Do what you have to do. And certainly be assured, the Caribbean medical schools are going to require more from you and your are going to be responsible for your learning.

    You will be required to be in class and you have to find a way to learn in and out of class if your classes are too long. If you need to go to the Caribbeans, just do it, if you need to retake the MCAT and study in USA, just do it; noone else can tell you what is right for you. We all offer you stories, that reflect our good or bad experiences, sometimes we just give you the good stuff or just the bad stuff when writing. I feel like the same goes when a physician, you will be expected to just work.

    You must find ways to cope, because you will be expected to just get good grades and to just be a good doctor always. Like a runner, you should know which race is better for you; and if you know races; none of them a walk; a great runner gives it all and it could be painful and make it hard to breath for a bit, but you recover.

    When picking your medical school, or your job and location; examine yourself. If you really need to be a doctor and have the ability to learn, may be the world has a place for you to get that done. Sorry for typos, writing fast God bless you! This school sounds like it is SGU in Grenada. I can tell by the description. Decelerate twice and you are dismissed.

    Professors who barely know students unless you make yourself known. The real untold truth is that all for profit medical schools are in the wrong business. Currently in the U. Do your research before making a commitment to attend any for profit medical school. I currently got accepted into the medical program at AUIC.

    For those of you interested in studying medicine in the Caribbean, there are options apart from the for-profit off shore medical schools. Many of their graduates go on to secure prestigious residency positions in the USA.