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Take the confusion out of the snack aisle with the best healthy snacks for kids to buy at the store—to enjoy at home, in lunches, and on the go.
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Apologies for the lengthy query but i really hope you could advise any alternatives. Please help. Hi Kavitha I am usually late in replying to comments as I am the only one to manage the home and blog. You may be surprised that most of your comments remain unanswered for days! Sorry about that. This might be for one of the 3 reasons — I too faced the problems with my kid when he was 18 months. Moving from a cold to hot place may make the kid feel dehydrated, so the kid usually prefers more of water, milk or something liquid and may not eat solids completely.

This can be addressed only by giving cooling foods and soupy foods and more fruit juices etc. Symptoms of this are dry skin, dry mouth and lips, dry eyes, constipation, disturbed night sleeps, loss of appetite. Usually toddlers take time to adjust to new place and may not eat due to excitement. Want to explore everything all the time and due to the excitement keep getting distracted at meal time and refuses to eat.

Teething — Usually second molars erupt in between 20 to 26 months.

This is one of the most common reasons, toddlers refrain from solids. Hope these help. Hi Swasthi.. Could you tell some first foods for 3 month baby…? Hi Sangeetha Thanks. You can check this post on introducing foods to baby. Hope this helps. Your blog is really very very helpful.

My kid is 7mnth old. Her weight gain is always below normal. Hardly 10hrs. Nw she is taking food 3times but also weight gain is low. Hi Sweta, Are you following the food chart mentioned on the blog.

Indian snacks for kids | Healthy Indian snack recipes (Healthy snacks)

You can also start ragi and khichdi. I have 1 year old twin babies boy n girl They have no teeth yet n not eating much Every night they r wake up due to hungryness Pls let me know healthy food so they can sleep well Suggest me that receipes which has more healthy with small amount becoz they r taking very small amount food For dinner what should i offer them which is good for their whole night or no hunger at night.

Hi Megha Usually babies begin to sleep well from 1 year onwards, due to phyiscal activity they get tired and many sleep thru the night without waking up for feeds. You can try these tips 1.

Do not allow them to nap after 3. Wake them up by then after their noon nap. Allow them to crawl, move around and play well.

Do not restrict them to crib or prams. This should keep them full and have a good sleep. You can find the recipe of badam milk here. Try to feed heavy foods like dal, eggs, potatoes before noon. Feel-good fact : The good fat in avocados will keep little tummies full and happy for hours. Pack heart-healthy nuts and seeds into a fiber-filled snack kids will love. These bars from Sugar-Free Mom taste as good as any processed granola bar, and any processed candy bar for that matter.

Feel-good fact : These bars have no added sugar—just wholesome ingredients for steady, sustained energy. Somersaults makes healthy nut-free snacks for kids. These lightly salted bite-sized snacks are made from sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and whole- wheat flour. Plus, the wholesome bites are the perfect size for little hands and little mouths. Super parents, prepare for your next challenge: making your own healthy fruit snacks.

These fruity rolls from Healthy Little Cooks require only bananas, orange juice, and cinnamon. What are you waiting for? Feel-good fact : These homemade fruit rolls keep kids from eating unhealthy fruit chews with lots of preservatives and additives. Try this sweetened up, kid-approved hummus recipe from Super Healthy Kids instead.

Indian snack recipes below

To make a chocolatey version of standard hummus, cocoa powder replaces garlic, and nut butter replaces tahini paste. It tastes amazing on any kind of fruit you can think of. Feel-good fact : Packed with chickpeas and nut butter, this snack provides plenty of substance along with the sweet. This helps avoid sugar rushes. The smell may be incredibly tempting, but we urge you to skip the pretzel stand and head home to make your own twisty treats.

Get a go-to recipe from For the Love of Cooking. Feel-good fact : These pretzels are made of pure and simple ingredients—no partially hydrogenated oils or weird additives. Rub some olive oil on a whole-wheat pita pocket. Cover the pita with chopped baby spinach. Then top everything with a mix of shredded mozzarella and swiss cheese, plus a pinch of garlic salt.

Microwave the pita for about a minute or until the cheese is bubbly. Feel-good fact : Kale is filled with vitamin K, a nutrient which helps young bodies build bones. Plain granola is boring. Granola bark is exciting! Just add an egg and almond flour to a classic granola mix, bake it in a pan, and break up the pieces. Feel-good fact : The oat base of this granola bark delivers the dream team of fiber and protein, providing a healthy dose of clean energy.

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While citrus sugar is still sugar, it might just get the kids eating way more fresh fruit. Feel-good fact : This snack can be ready in seconds—faster than your little one can build a chair tower leading to the candy shelf. Made with filling and nutritious whole wheat flour, the nut-free cookies are safe for those with allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. Eggs have a mild flavor kids love, and you can add their favorite toppings halfway through baking to make the treat extra special. Cowboy Salsa. Made with all fresh ingredients and served with tortilla chips.

Egg and Avocado Toast. Egg and avocado toast is such an easy and healthy breakfast that both kids and adults love.

25 Easy And Healthy Snacks For Kids

Garlic and Parmesan Kale Chips. Healthy Banana Oat Muffins. Healthy Banana Oat Muffins are made with Greek yogurt, skim milk, whole wheat flour, bananas, applesauce, and whole grain oats! These are all great recipes. Healthy and nutritious.

2. Watermelon Whole Fruit Popsicles

Thanks for compiling all these recipe. Great job. Some of these look awesome! Sadly my son is sooooo picky? To all the parents reading this, Thank you for taking the time and caring about what your child eats. When you care about what your kid eats, you care about their education, health, and happiness and your kids will grow up to feel loved, healthy, and strong because of awesome parents like you.

Sound absolutely delicious and very healthy! Healthy snacks that can help us lose weight. Nuts are an ideal nutritious snack. Hi Lauren, such a great post and cool ideas. Loved it and thanks for sharing. I have added your post in my latest article about the eco-friendly kids birthday party. Hope that is okay. Healthy snacks.

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