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Using personal anecdotes to illustrate how God has worked in her life, she explores the doubts, fears, and perplexities she experienced and describes how she found comfort and guidance in the Bible and through prayer. In this memoir, she recalls growing up as the oldest of four in a small Texas town against the backdrop of her parents' alcoholism and marital issues; being molested by a cousin at an early age; being introduced to Jesus Christ in her teenage years; marrying an alcoholic; and enduring his subsequent suicide.

With scriptural examples to highlight key points, My Past Decisions Have Made Me Who I am Today serves to communicate the message that there is healing and that God is listening and is rescuing his people from their hurts and pains. Help Centre.


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Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. The family story simply ended, with occasional attempts at explanation from my mum. My first novel, Infinite Sky , tackles the divorce but is firmly in the camp of fiction. But even after years creating that fictionalised tale of a broken family I still think about it. But such psychological fallout.

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Except that it was difficult. From the viewpoint of my adult self, even the funny family memories become questionable. The time mum and nanny got so drunk that my year-old brother had to get us home. I remember it too. Lorry drivers staring at us, as we made our way in the dark, Liam running off ahead, then returning with a clue.

How late was it?

Is it worth hurting the people that raised and grew with you? And if not, can you stop yourself?

For how long were we lost? No idea. Miniature umbrellas and fruit around the glass. Maybe even sparklers. The panic of an eight-year-old knows no time. The next morning, he came down to breakfast declaring he was off to collect his car from the pub. I laugh when I hear them, but they make me wonder too. What really happened? They are worth far more than a book to me. But inventing characters and details to stand in for what fascinates feels like cruelty to writers. More than this. I want to get the story right.

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Not to apportion blame, but to take responsibility. Because it is only when we do this that we can blossom into our fullest, most useful selves. Your psychological proclivity determines which better fits your story. That decision grows from the nature of your character. This book has the material. This book is literally a movie, or a miniseries!!

It has it all! The content and how it is presented has given this book the considerable success it has had. Too many people, including reviewers and critics, have been saying that this book is what movies are made of. That is why it is going to the next level, which is either a mini-series or major production movie. Juilo, The Medellin Columbia cartel boss who picked me up in Mexico, took me to Medellin and put me under his direct protection, is my favorite character.

This guy went way out of his way to protect me, looked out for me and after me. He really took care of me. Julio explained to me how things worked in Columbia at that time. He explained the rules of survival to me in the most dangerous place on the planet at that time. Columbia was a war zone then, there were no tourists, there were no Americans, and even the DEA had removed most of their agents!

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I was a pursued international fugitive wanted by Interpol and various other agencies with three letter acronyms. They had issued wanted posters and descriptions on their Web Sites. Without him I would have been apprehended, kidnapped, dead or probably all of the above.

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Julio was a very unique character, I literally owe him my life, and I sincerely hope he is still alive today. The main reason that we decided to do the audiobook was that there is a market out there with a lot of people who enjoy books, but the problem they have is they do not have the time to sit down and read them physically.

I have never done an audiobook. I really had no idea what it entailed. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, and it was an entirely different process than writing the book.