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Today, I am sharing with you on how to exercise total dominion in life. The Bible tells us that those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of.
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The way you think determines what you are. You have to talk your dominion like a king. Whatever king says stands, therefore whatever you say is a decree. Act like a king. Let your action exhibit dominion. You need to act your position because your dominion is derived from God.

Note that having dominion is not a privilege but an assignment given to you at creation as stated in Genesis I pray from now henceforth, You will recognise dominion, think dominion, talk dominion and act your dominion in Jesus name. Ikotun, Lagos. Your email address will not be published.


Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. Living in Dominion. Therefore, we must consider how to use the authority God has given us to bring Him glory. Here are three suggestions loosely based on Genesis Consume responsibly. I have a confession: I hate recycling. Buy things that last. Work with excellence. Multiply spiritually and biologically.

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We are bringing new life into the world. Likewise, perhaps even more importantly, we need to be focused on spiritual multiplication. While biological multiplication is common to all humanity, only Christians can multiply spiritually. We are to make disciples of all nations. Those are some of the ways in which we can and should continue to exercise dominion in the fallen world as redeemed people.

Follow him on Twitter. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your message. Diamond has denied that she coined the broader sense of the term dominionism , [71] which appears in her dissertation and in Roads to Dominion solely to describe Dominion Theology. Nevertheless, Diamond did originate the idea that Dominion Theology is the "central unifying ideology for the Christian Right". Jeremy Pierce of First Things coined the word dominionismist to describe those who promote the idea that there is a dominionist conspiracy, writing:.


It strikes me as irresponsible to lump [Rushdoony] together with Francis Schaeffer and those influenced by him, especially given Schaeffer's many recorded instances of resisting exactly the kinds of views Rushdoony developed. Indeed, it strikes me as an error of the magnitude of some of Rushdoony's own historical nonsense to consider there to be such a view called Dominionism [sic] that Rushdoony, Schaeffer, James Dobson, and all the other people in the list somehow share and that it seeks to get Christians and only Christians into all the influential positions in secular society.

Lisa Miller of Newsweek writes that " 'dominionism' is the paranoid mot du jour " and that "certain journalists use 'dominionist' the way some folks on Fox News use the word sharia.

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Its strangeness scares people. Without history or context, the word creates a siege mentality in which 'we' need to guard against 'them'. Other criticism has focused on the proper use of the term. Berlet wrote that "just because some critics of the Christian Right have stretched the term dominionism past its breaking point does not mean we should abandon the term", [75] and argued that, rather than labeling conservatives as extremists, it would be better to "talk to these people" and "engage them".

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You Can Have Dominion

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