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Holding On Upside Down book. Read 25 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Winner of the PEN/Jacqueline Bograd Weld Award for.
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Ian Thomson. Victoria Glendinning. Andrew Rosenheim. Books The mad, mum-fixated maiden aunt of modernism Marianne Moore slept in the same bed as her mother and dined with her on the edge of the bath-tub — this may have helped her poetry, says Linda Leavell in Holding on Upside Down Jane Rye. Tel: Most Popular Read Recent Read.

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The Curious Poetry of Marianne Moore

Greta Dominic Green. Brexit voters do feel betrayed. Has Boris Johnson ruined his chances of passing a Brexit deal? The Spectator Podcast: is there any hope for Brexit? Labour is following in the doomed footsteps of the French left Gavin Mortimer. What to read next. Marianne Moore has been heralded as America's greatest poet of the modernist movement. Born in St.

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Louis, Missouri, Moore eventually found her way to New York with her mother whom she continued to live with until her mother passed, a familial devotion so intense that William Carlos Williams complained that it was 'pathological' and prevented her from marrying any 'literary guys'. Moore never married. Linda Leavall is the first biographer to be granted access and freedom to quote from Moore's archives.

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The life of Marianne Moore, whose legend grew as she winnowed complexity from her work.

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