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Lyrics: That's not a street that you can walk / You gotta watch just who you're talking to Can't turn your back on a smiling face / Next thing you know, there.
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This means make-up will not only sit on your skin better, but it will also ensure that you have a natural, healthy-looking glow.

Sam Tinnesz ft. Zayde Wolf - Man or a Monster (lyrics)

If you are the sort of guy who leaves things to the last minute, I would recommend using a face mask the night before, or even that morning. The instant splash of hydration will ensure skin is soft and supple. For extra brownie points make sure you also exfoliate prior to moisturising to get rid of any dead skin.

Some people are naturally born with a higher red pigmentation in the skin and this is usually more prevalent on the cheeks and nose. If this sounds like you, then green stick will become your arsenal.

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Softly apply and dap any areas of your face that could do with some cooling down — the green colouring of the stick will neutralise any noticeable redness or fiery spots. Now that your skin is prepped, start off by finding a concealer stick that matches your skin tone.

Are You Man Enough? (End Title) Lyrics

Concealer is thicker than foundation so is great for covering anything you feel insecure about. Begin by applying the concealer to the under-eye area to rid yourself of any late-night shadows. Following this, apply it over any spots or broken capillaries you may have. At this point, your skin should look more even: spots have been concealed, skin has been hydrated and redness has been neutralised. You now need to apply your foundation.

“Are you a boy or a Man?” is not the right question

Start by tapping a light amount of powder into the lid and almost use this as a palette. Dab your make-up brush into the powder and lightly blow on the brush to remove any excess powder. Then begin to apply the power to your face in circular motions. Make sure you cover your whole face and pay close attention to the corners of your face, hairline and neck.

Always remember when applying any loose powder that a little goes a long way. Try to match your eyebrow colour. If you're unable to, it is better to go for a shade darker, as it will frame the eyes more effectively.

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  • Is it in your heart to care? There's not pretending it goes away With every step that you take you pay your dues And I ain't lying You got to struggle to see the light Cause someone's looking to steal your right to choose And they don't stop trying It's like a jungle outside the door And it's keeping you so confused [Chorus] Gotta keep your eye on the passersby Better watch your step!

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